About Us

How Overall Wellness Hub Started:

Growing up, my childhood was a constant battle with illness. My diet, filled with junk food, minimal water, and a glaring lack of vegetables, left me frequently constipated and with chronic sore throats that would lead to persistent coughs and phlegm. Doctor visits were so regular that my family and our physician became close friends.

Every week, I would visit my grandparents, but in my youth, I was too engrossed in the TV to notice their remarkable health. It wasn't until I was in secondary school that I began to see the stark contrast between their vitality and my constant ailments. Despite their age, they rarely fell ill, and even when they did, their recovery was swift. Curious, I asked my parents about this disparity. They reiterated the lessons from school: a balanced diet, plenty of water, and cutting out junk food. Yet, like many kids, I ignored this advice, clinging to my unhealthy eating habits.

Coincidentally, I stumbled upon a report ranking global life expectancies. Italy, like Singapore, was in the top 10, despite having less advanced healthcare. Intrigued, I researched and discovered their secret: a healthy diet. Even then, I remained stubborn and unchanged, continuing to fall sick.

The wake-up call I needed arrived when my grandmother was hospitalized and came to stay with us during her recovery. I was shocked by the medical bills, a harsh reminder of the financial burden of illness. Ironically, during her stay, I fell ill once again. Instead of me caring for her, she ended up looking after me. The roles reversed, and the worry and stress this caused our entire family hit me hard. I realized then that my neglect of my health was not only selfish but also a burden to those I loved. Taking care of my body wasn’t just for me—it was for my family, society, and for one's responsibilities.

The pain and suffering from frequent illness, compounded by the bitter taste of endless medications, were a heavy price to pay. Missing out on school excursions and fun events only added to the toll. Watching my parents work hard to cover my medical expenses made me realize that having a doctor as a close friend wasn’t a badge of honor—it was a sign of my poor health.

Determined to change, I made small but significant adjustments to my diet. I started eating more vegetables, cut down on meat, drank more water, and began exercising. Within a few months, my health improved dramatically. I rarely fell sick and no longer depended on medicine. This transformation solidified my belief in the adage "prevention is better than cure" and that "health is the greatest wealth."

This journey inspired the creation of Overall Wellness Hub. Our core belief is that nurturing good health not only shields us from the burden of costly medical treatments but also enriches our lives with vitality and joy. We're dedicated to empowering individuals and their families to take the reins of their health, ensuring they can savor life's every moment.

But here's the thing: wellness isn't just about physical health. It's about feeling beautiful inside and out, and finding peace of mind amidst life's chaos. That's why, at Overall Wellness Hub, we're on a mission to redefine wellness, embracing not only health but also beauty and mental balance.