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Bevo Comune Faucet Water Purifier Special Deal (Total 2 Cartridge)

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Don't miss out on the opportunity to make a positive impact on your health and well-being!

Invest in your health and wellness today with this one-of-a-kind deal!


Transform your tap water into the epitome of purity with the Bevo Comune Faucet Water Purifier. This cutting-edge filtration system uses a four-step process to eliminate impurities, including suspended colloids up to 0.1 micron, 99.9% of bacteria, rust, and up to 99% of chlorine, while preserving essential minerals. Perfect for those with delicate digestive or skin sensitivities, the purified water not only promotes health, but also offers an improved taste. The "save" water mode allows you to conserve up to 30% of your water usage, making it an eco-friendly solution. The digital lifespan indicator ensures you never have to guess when it's time to change the filter, giving you complete peace of mind about the quality of your water. Savor every sip with the Bevo Comune Faucet Water Purifier and enjoy the purest water imaginable.


  • 4 Stage Filtration
  • Digital Lifespan Indicator
  • Mitsubishi Ultra Hollow Membrane Filter
  • 3 Switchable Modes (Save Mode, Pure Mode, Tap Mode)
  • Water Conservation up to 30%
  • Remove up to 99% Free Residual Chlorine
  • 99.9% Bacteria Eliminated
  • Remove Particles up to 0.1 Micron
  • Remove Contaminants such as Rust, Lead, Heavy Metals, and Chemicals
  • Remove Odor in Water
  • Lifespan of Each Filter Cartridge: 1200L
  • Easy to Operate
  • Easy to Install


  • Superior Water Purification
  • Precise Filter Lifespan Monitoring
  • Advanced Hollow Membrane Technology
  • Customizable Filtration Modes
  • Environmentally Friendly Water Conservation
  • Effective Chlorine Removal
  • High Bacteria Elimination Rate
  • Microscopic Particle Removal
  • Comprehensive Contaminant Removal
  • Odor-Free Drinking Water
  • Long-lasting Filter Cartridge
  • User-Friendly Operation
  • Hassle-free Installation

Additional Benefits:

  • Enhanced Health and Well-being
  • Improved Taste and Clarity of Water
  • Cost-effective Solution for Clean Water
  • Space-saving Design
  • Low Maintenance Requirements
  • Reliable Water Filtration Performance
  • Peace of Mind in Drinking Water Safety
  • Convenient Access to Clean Water

4 Stage Filtration:

1) Mesh Filter

2) Granular Activated Carbon

3) PP

4) Mitsubishi Ultra Hollow Membrane Filter

Filter: 1200L Per Cartridge (6 Months - Based on 6.67L a day)

Length: 12.8cm

Width: 14.6cm

Height: 6cm

Weight: 0.55kg

Working temperature: 5°C ~ 38°C

Pressure: 0.1 ~ 0.4MPa

Once filter cartridge is installed, change to "Pure" mode and let it run for 10 seconds before using/drinking the water.

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